Custom Knife Scales

I like folding knives.  I am always on the lookout for folding knives from which I can easily strip the aluminum scales and replace them with pretty wooden ones.

I particularly like the type with a frame lock where one side of the metal frame is bent inwards and upon opening the blade, it engages against a flat spot on the blade, thus locking it in the open position.  To release the blade, simply push the lock to the side and close the blade.  If the knife also has a thumb stud, the knife is easily opened and closed with only one hand.  Knives with frame locks are not difficult to find, but it is a little tougher to find a small knife with a frame lock and a thumb stud.  This one is 6-1/2″ long when open.

I epoxied the scales in place and shaped them with rasps and sandpaper.  I decided to leave the scales bare and polished the wood using tripoli and white diamond abrasive compounds.

7 thoughts on “Custom Knife Scales

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the comment. I applied the abrasive polishes to a cloth buff mounted in my drill press. It is similar to a felt wheel, but has more give so it conforms better to contours.

  1. Chris, Are you referring to the Tapered Cotton Buffing Wheel 09A01.80 from LV? I use it with the carnauba and tripoli bars on my multiple-bit screwdriver handles (after a coat of mineral oil or boiled linseed oil).

  2. I’m glad that I’ve found your website. You definitely can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing – I’ll keep reading.

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