Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table, Part II

In Part I of this project, I cut mitred returns in the cherry crotch slab and joined the three legs to the table top with Domino floating tenons. I then cut and fit five maple dovetail keys. Due to the way that the wood dried, neither the top nor the legs were particularly flat, so … Continue reading Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table, Part II

Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table, Part I

This weekend, I am demonstrating Festool power tools at Lee Valley Tools Ltd. in Coquitlam. To generate interest and demonstrate what can be done with the tools, I am turning this seven-foot-long slab of cherry into a coffee table. By the end of Thursday, I had made some good progress. To make the legs, I used … Continue reading Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table, Part I

New Work: Reign

Prior to this one, I had created three shelves of this style: Black Locust Wall Table, Artifact of, and There is Not Always Light at the End of the Tunnel. They are characterized by tall vertical elements with long tusk tenons mounted to the wall. The shelf slipped over the tusk tenon and was locked in place … Continue reading New Work: Reign

Adding Chamfers

There was certainly a little creativity and cleverness that I put into the design of this box. Because of that, I have enjoyed the process of making them. Yesterday, I had three batches in various stages of completion and began detailing one group. Chamfering the Edges The first step was to chamfer the edges. This … Continue reading Adding Chamfers

Broken Square

Broken Square originated from a drawing in my sketch book.  I had been playing with variations of a cube when this form emerged.  In the drawing, it stood on two edges but I later realized that it would sit nicely on three points. Intrigued by the form, I built a version using square cherry stock.  Although I … Continue reading Broken Square

Cherry Coffee Tables

I recently completed this pair of coffee tables for a patient customer.  They were made from a local fruit cherry tree. The client wanted two tables that could be used together or independently.  Both tables were physically identical, with minor character differences. The design was the client's, but I was allowed creative license.  One of … Continue reading Cherry Coffee Tables

The Value of Prototyping

Some of my recent designs have involved complex angled joinery, such as the base of this table inspired by a sketch by Vic Hubbard.  I was having a hard time visualizing in my head how the joinery would work, so I built a prototype to help me understand. Since it's only a prototype to explore the mechanics … Continue reading The Value of Prototyping

New Grips for My Veritas #5-1/4 Bench Plane

Of all the bench planes (bevel-down) I have acquired, the Veritas ones have been by far the easiest to adjust and for that, I love them.  Blade adjustments have always been responsive and predictable; I could set the mouth to let through only a sliver of light quicker than you can read the upcoming quote, … Continue reading New Grips for My Veritas #5-1/4 Bench Plane

Progress on The Workbench

Well, it's been two months since my last posting.  And the bench has come a long way, though there's still a long way to go. I ended up having the Douglas fir resawn in half.  Many thanks to my friend and fellow woodworker Doug Ward.  I've now laminated the bench top and flattened it.  I … Continue reading Progress on The Workbench