Cherry Coffee Tables

I recently completed this pair of coffee tables for a patient customer.  They were made from a local fruit cherry tree. The client wanted two tables that could be used together or independently.  Both tables were physically identical, with minor character differences. The design was the client's, but I was allowed creative license.  One of … Continue reading Cherry Coffee Tables

Roll With It

Many woodworkers are technically skilled and able to create an item exactly as detailed in a plan.  Some lack the willingness to take risks and push the boundaries.  Technical skills are important, but they only get you so far. Creativity and problem solving are key skills for anyone making original work.  For me, design is … Continue reading Roll With It

When Neglect is Good

If you have a nice, big, pretty (and likely expensive) chunk of wood from a recently felled tree, you would probably baby it.  I'm guessing you would seal the ends, carefully sticker, and cover it in an area with good air movement.  You might check the wood every few months, monitoring the moisture content. All … Continue reading When Neglect is Good