Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table, Part II

In Part I of this project, I cut mitred returns in the cherry crotch slab and joined the three legs to the table top with Domino floating tenons. I then cut and fit five maple dovetail keys. Due to the way that the wood dried, neither the top nor the legs were particularly flat, so … Continue reading Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table, Part II

Cherry Coffee Tables

I recently completed this pair of coffee tables for a patient customer.  They were made from a local fruit cherry tree. The client wanted two tables that could be used together or independently.  Both tables were physically identical, with minor character differences. The design was the client's, but I was allowed creative license.  One of … Continue reading Cherry Coffee Tables

Maple Slab Build, Session 1

Friday night, I went down to the shop because I wanted to build something.  I started with a small slab of Western maple and designed the piece on the fly.  I documented the build, live on Twitter, and what you see below are the updates from the first session.  This was useful because each update … Continue reading Maple Slab Build, Session 1

Padauk & Silver Jewelry

Though this set of jewelry was not for my mother, I thought that it was an appropriate subject for today's post, given that it's Mother's Day.  This was a very special set of jewelry and the design revolved around the silver coin that had significance to the client.  She was looking for a way to … Continue reading Padauk & Silver Jewelry