Maple Slab Build, Session 1

Friday night, I went down to the shop because I wanted to build something.  I started with a small slab of Western maple and designed the piece on the fly.  I documented the build, live on Twitter, and what you see below are the updates from the first session.  This was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could see the rate at which I progressed.

(If you are not familiar with the format used on Twitter, every update, or “tweet” below starts with a username, being the author of that tweet.  Sometimes, you see two or more usernames in a tweet.  The second (and third, etc) usernames are preceded by a @ symbol and are people to whom the author is talking.  The other symbol you see is #, which serves as a category.  I try to remember to categorize all my tweets pertaining to this project under #flairww.)

FlairWoodworks I want to do something with this slab. Follow along with hash tag #flairww -10:56 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The other side is interesting and has some cavities. I think this will be the underside of a table or chair. #flairww -10:58 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I screwed softwood blocks to my bench top to keep the slab from moving. They won’t damage the live edge. #flairww -11:06 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I can see that the slab isn’t even close to being flat. I need to decide how flat it really needs to be. #flairww -11:10 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Undecided on how to proceed, I started removing the hump. I’m using my jack plane with a radiused blade. #flairww -11:19 PM Apr 6th, 2012

gvmcmillan @FlairWoodworks What kind of wood is it? #flairww -11:23 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks @gvmcmillan It’s Western maple. This is hard work. #flairww-11:23 PM Apr 6th, 2012

gvmcmillan @FlairWoodworks Ugh! No kidding! But it will have a lot of character. #flairww -11:24 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks @gvmcmillan Indeed! This piece is pretty unique. #flairww-11:25 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I’ve been holding the plane at this angle and moving it in the direction indicated by the arrow. #flairww -11:29 PM Apr 6th, 2012

ChrisHasFlair Wanna see what I do when I’m inspired? Follow #flairww and watch as I make something off the top of my head! -11:31 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks My plane blade is dull. Time to resharpen. #flairww -11:42 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Okay… blade’s sharpened and adjusted in the plane. Back to planing. #flairww -11:46 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I’m going to add a butterfly to reinforce the check. Which wood? L-R: cherry, apple, walnut, holly or yew? #flairww -11:57 PM Apr 6th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I use double-sided tape to hold the butterfly in position while I use a knife to mark around it. #flairww -12:35 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks As always, I use multiple knife strokes, using more pressure with each stroke. #flairww -12:36 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Ready to cut the recess! (Note the arrow so I know which way the butterfly goes.) #flairww -12:40 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks I used a forstner bit in my cordless drill at 3/4 speed of the lower speed range with lots of pressure. #flairww -12:45 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Now the trick is to remove the rest of the waste without waking the family (it’s 12:45am). #flairww -12:46 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks It’s a slow process to shape the recess without using an electric router or mallet. #flairww -1:03 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The recess is complete. Now for some glue and a clamp to press the butterfly into place. #flairww -1:18 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks The butterfly was installed and flushed with the surface. The top is done and I’m done work here for today. #flairww -1:49 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Tomorrow, I’ll have to look for some interesting and inspiring materials for the base. #flairww -1:51 AM Apr 7th, 2012

HighRockWW@FlairWoodworks looking good Chris. Nice contrast with the butterfly. -4:09 AM Apr 7th, 2012

FlairWoodworks Thanks, Chris! #flairww RT @HighRockWW@FlairWoodworks looking good Chris. Nice contrast with the butterfly. -9:09 AM Apr 7th, 2012

The base is next and takes shape in Session 2.

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