Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table, Part II

In Part I of this project, I cut mitred returns in the cherry crotch slab and joined the three legs to the table top with Domino floating tenons. I then cut and fit five maple dovetail keys.

Cherry Coffee Table 1

Due to the way that the wood dried, neither the top nor the legs were particularly flat, so I simply used a sander to make them fair and smooth.

Cherry Coffee Table 2This is an excellent example of how my designs are influenced by the materials I use. The overall size of the materials dictate the dimensions of the piece, and the shape of the live edge and grain patterns influence where cuts are made and where dovetail keys can be used in best effect.

Due to the height, this piece works equally well as a coffee table and a bench.

Check the product page for more details on this coffee table/bench.


11 thoughts on “Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table, Part II

  1. I love it ! of course! ;)
    Can not wait to see you employ some” sliding butterfly” joinery and “half blind bowtie” joinery!
    Sad to see what is lost when so many learn to work wood off the internet instead of time honored methods being handed down by Craftsmen/Persons and respected as they should.

    Great placement and use of the maple Structural Dovetail-Keys, Nice seeing them used correctly and not just as a decorative detail or inlay, which these certainly are not

    As always you are breath of fresh air my Friend!

    I think it time I start wearing a bowtie (which gets its name from the BOW tied in the center) that has butterfly’s on it.

    Arse Hole Face

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