Padauk & Silver Jewelry

Though this set of jewelry was not for my mother, I thought that it was an appropriate subject for today’s post, given that it’s Mother’s Day.  This was a very special set of jewelry and the design revolved around the silver coin that had significance to the client.  She was looking for a way to make the coin wearable as part of a necklace.

The theme was simple: brilliant silver set off by the rich red of padauk.  The silver was provided by the client.

The coin mount received a triangular bale  to suspend it from a silver chain.  The coin was trapped inside the mount.

The earrings had small silver eyes at the top through which the elegant hooks pass.  Both sides were slotted towards the bottom and would be inlaid with silver.

2 thoughts on “Padauk & Silver Jewelry

  1. Paul-Marcel,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve updated the article to include a picture of the coin – a $20 Sterling Silver Coin from the Royal Canadain Mint.

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