Removing Router Bearings

With proper technique, removing bearings from router bits can be a safe and straight-forward procedure.  Removing shaft-mounted bearingsfrom a bit is easiest – simply loosen a set screw in the locking collar and slide off the collar followed by the bearing.  This is easy because the set screw is perpendicular to the shaft.

End-mounted bearings are a different story.  They are secured with a screw along the axis of the shaft and are usually tightened quite well.  To remove them, you need a way to prevent the bit from rotating without damaging the shaft – that means no Vise-Grips!

The best solution I have found is also the simplest.  When I figured it out, it was one of those “why didn’t I think of that sooner?” moments.  Hint:  it came with your router.  That’s right – the router collet.  Install the bit into the collet on the router, then use a wrench or spindle-lock pin (if your router has one) to immobilize the router bit.  Now it’s simple and safe to use the hex key to remove the screw securing the bearing.

3 thoughts on “Removing Router Bearings

  1. Coincidentally, too, Woodpeckers has a limited-run tool on right now that is a router-bit vice for exactly this reason. Are you in kahoots with Woodpeckers, too?!?! :)

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