Setback? What Setback?

Dream big and push for it. But be reasonable. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Hope for everything but expect nothing.

I built my Table with a Twist to submit for “Regeneration: Fine Woodworkers Under 30″.  After submitting my table, I, along with another 184 woodworkers, was left to wait for two weeks before I learned if my piece had been chosen.  In the end, 22 pieces were selected.  Mine was not among the ones chosen.

To get into this exhibit would have been a big deal.  I wanted to get in and believed that I had a legitimate chance at having my piece included.  Alas, despite my best efforts, it was not selected.

I don’t know why my table wasn’t selected and I could spend all day speculating but in the end it doesn’t make any difference.  Sometimes things don’t always go as you want.  Sometimes you have control over the outcome.  Sometimes you don’t; if you don’t have control over it, there is no use stressing about it.

That my table was not selected has not had a negative effect on me (at least that I can tell).  I have confidence in my work and know what I need to do now – take it to the next level.  Stay tuned!

Congratulations to the 22 fine woodworkers who were selected.  If you can provide any more links, please contact me at

Christopher Atwood        E Pluribus Unum
Nate Blaisdell                 Cabinet
Virginia Blanchard          Screen
Cale Caboth                   Tilt Table
George Dubinsky           Wall Cabinet
Domenic Fiorello            Thomas Cabinet & Table
Russell Gale                   The Garboard Strake (Sideboard)
Jordan Goodman            VAULT Table 2.0
Dan Jessel                      Vessel
Bryan Klotz                     Butcher’s Bowl
Brandon Kowalski           Dad’s Cabinet
Michael Kowalski            Ramblin’ Scuse
Phil Leonard                   Dining Chair
Brett MacLearnsberry     Beech Blossom
Mickey McCann              Excelsior!
Michelle Myers                Demilune Table
Eric Oransky                   Hepplewhite, Serpentine Chest of Drawers
Kent Purdue                    Consciousness
Nick Preneta                   Embracing Table
Jason Shirey                   Kidshiu
Colin Tury                        Unorganized Cabinet
Steven Vowles                 ‘Fast Cars and Fine Cigars’ Ultralounge Chair

UPDATE: all selected pieces can be viewed on the Regeneration: Fine Woodworkers Under 30 site.

5 thoughts on “Setback? What Setback?

  1. You’re so right; most authors are rejected and ignored until one recognizes them for their talent. This table is definitely worthy of display for both craftsmanship and creativity of its shape.

  2. I think you are twisted Chris! In the best meaning of the word. You are very talented and I have learned a thing or two from you. I love your table. You think outside the box all the time.

  3. Each failure is a step closer to success. But then your table isn’t a failure outside the context of the contest; it’s a well-designed piece.

  4. Keep up the good work Chris and keep submitting pieces. Judging is very subjectI’ve so try not to second guess yourself, I have faith in you if that means anything. Felix

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