Roll With It

Many woodworkers are technically skilled and able to create an item exactly as detailed in a plan.  Some lack the willingness to take risks and push the boundaries.  Technical skills are important, but they only get you so far.

Creativity and problem solving are key skills for anyone making original work.  For me, design is very instinctual and I rely on my intuition.  Most of the design decisions I make cannot be made until I’m looking at the materials in front of me.

I believe that woodworkers who are able to adapt to the unique materials and circumstances are more capable of producing something special than someone following a design to the letter.

If you remain insensitive to the individual characteristics of the material you are working with and cut regardless to a predetermined, exact measurement, then the finished piece will lack a certain wholeness and be little better than something you could have bought from a factory.

– Graham Blackburn

 You can find this quote among many others on my pages Quotables and Quotes from Woodwork.

This is the ninth slide from my PechaKucha presentation.

A Box Called “Tolerences”

4 thoughts on “Roll With It

  1. Yes and No Chris. Most of my work centers on a concept and vision. Then I find materials that fit the vision. Some of which can be measured and cut exactly.

    “Flow” was a need for a table, something big, unusual and not available anywhere else. It needed to belong to Africa. I found a material that fit the ticket. Your edge detail, was respective of the material and the movement of the grain. One without the other and it falls short.

    Vision plus selecting material is one design method. Yours, Material and then vision is another. A great design should do both.

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