#Woodchat Discusses Furniture Shows

Ten months ago, my co-host Matt Gradwohl and I retooled the weekly Twitter chat known as #Woodchat and added a video component to include more content.  Last Wednesday, we talked with our guest Eli Cleveland of The Furniture Project about how to show work in a furniture show.

We had a lot of questions for Eli and he was equal to the task.  The hour went by quickly, as it always does, and we covered a lot of ground.  I found it very informative and timely, as I was accepted into two shows later this year (more details later).

Here’s the video.  Make sure the captions are enabled (the CC button) to display the tweets.  (Duration: 1:05:31)

Tune into #Woodchat Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific.

This is the tenth slide from my PechaKucha presentation.

Maple Slab Table

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