My Moxon Vise with Flair

Last week, I built a tall workbench and made a wooden Moxon vise for it.  This piece of wormy maple seemed perfect for the front jaw so I squared off the ends. I elongated the holes in the front jaw to allow it to skew to hold uneven workpieces.  This was the most that the jaw could … Continue reading My Moxon Vise with Flair

My Tall Workbench with Flair

This bench was inspired after the Joinery Bench that Shannon Rogers brought to Woodworking in America.  It was intended to simply be a taller workbench and I honestly did not know how useful I would find it (ask me in half a year). This small bench was built taller than normal (39.5") to allow joinery … Continue reading My Tall Workbench with Flair

Progress on The Workbench

Well, it's been two months since my last posting.  And the bench has come a long way, though there's still a long way to go. I ended up having the Douglas fir resawn in half.  Many thanks to my friend and fellow woodworker Doug Ward.  I've now laminated the bench top and flattened it.  I … Continue reading Progress on The Workbench

No Holds Workbench

Well, it's been a while since I've posted here.  I've been so awfully busy lately.  I can't even count how many projects I have on the go.  And most of them are for clients.  But one is for me and only me.  I need a new workbench and have been dreaming of one for years.  … Continue reading No Holds Workbench