New Work: Reign

Prior to this one, I had created three shelves of this style: Black Locust Wall Table, Artifact of, and There is Not Always Light at the End of the Tunnel. They are characterized by tall vertical elements with long tusk tenons mounted to the wall. The shelf slipped over the tusk tenon and was locked in place with a wedge.

The design was simple and practical with bold lines. I liked how the mechanics of the design were in the open and appreciated the freedom I had in shaping the three visible elements – the shelf, upright and wedge. Apparently, the public appreciated the design as well since the two I offered for sale sold quickly (one remained in my workshop next to my bench).

Reign was the fourth in this family of designs. I was going to tell you why I like it, but instead, I decided to just show you.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments section.

Reign1 Reign3 Reign2


2 thoughts on “New Work: Reign

  1. Reign is really beautiful and strong. And somehow it makes me feel cozy – like I’m watching the snow fall gently in the night from the window of a log cabin :) Congrats on new design!

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