Broken Square

Broken Square originated from a drawing in my sketch book.  I had been playing with variations of a cube when this form emerged.  In the drawing, it stood on two edges but I later realized that it would sit nicely on three points.

Broken Square Sketch

Intrigued by the form, I built a version using square cherry stock.  Although I liked the appearance, I was surprised at how expansive it was – at only 14.5″ tall, it approached a diameter of 40″.

Broken Square

I mitred the corners and reinforced them with floating tenons.  Rather than leave the supporting corners sharp and vulnerable, I flattened them slightly.  I was relieved that this did not diminish the effect of the form.

Originally, I built Broken Square to help visualize the form and saw it as a sculpture of sorts.  When I stood back and looked at it, I realized that the design would work well as a table, particularly if scaled to be taller.

You can find Broken Square in my Store as well as my Gallery.

Let me know what you think of the form and possible variations in the comments section.

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