An Open Letter to All Spammers/Scammers

I, like Darrell Peart, get e-mails like the one below on a regular basis.  I usually just flag them as spam and delete them, but they keep coming.  Perhaps they will stop if I respond.  Or not!

I got this e-mail earlier today:


Am Mr, Mark.I want to order some wood glue from you and i want to  know whether you have it in stock.I want you to email me back with the total price as well as the type of credit card you accept for payment. Thank you

Best regards.


Here is my response:


I have wood glue in stock.  The total price will be $547 and the only credit cards I accept are Club Flair Visas.  If you do not have such a card, you may mail your cash to the address found on my website.


Note:  I have a $5 fee for writing an e-mail reply and a $10 fee for preparing a quote, conditions to which you agreed by sending your e-mail.  This sum of $15 is not included in the total quoted above and is not disputable.  Thank you for your cooperation.

*To be perfectly clear, Club Flair Visas do not exist, I do not charge for replying to e-mails or for preparing quotes.  I will, however, sell you wood glue for $547 if you are willing to pay it (of course, you’ll get a boat-load of glue for the money).

Click here to read Darrell Peart’s response to this type of e-mails.

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to All Spammers/Scammers

  1. Chris I’d like two boat loads. Your check for $1094 is in the mail. I live inland and would like to know how you will get the boatloads to Charlotte. I go through a lot of glue and up until now have had some difficulty keeping stocked up. Is it okay if I keep the boats until the glue is consumed?

    Thanks, Chris. I’m really excited.

    Jim A.

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