Adding Chamfers

There was certainly a little creativity and cleverness that I put into the design of this box. Because of that, I have enjoyed the process of making them. Yesterday, I had three batches in various stages of completion and began detailing one group. Chamfering the Edges The first step was to chamfer the edges. This … Continue reading Adding Chamfers

Squirrel-Tail Palm Plane

I have many hand planes, but this Squirrel-Tail Palm Plane is among my most-used. This plane is a very simple tool.  The investment-cast steel body incorporates a squirrel-tail handle that nestles in my palm and a divot on the toe where I can set my index finger.  The mouth width is non-adjustable.  Both the plane's sole and blade's … Continue reading Squirrel-Tail Palm Plane

Construction of “Table with a Twist” – Part 3: Top and Finishing

This is the third post on the construction of my Table with a Twist.  The first post covered the making of the legs and the second post covered the aprons. The tabletop was the last main component to be made.  I had selected a premium piece of figured maple which I milled to about 42" x 12-1/2" … Continue reading Construction of “Table with a Twist” – Part 3: Top and Finishing