Wharton Escherick – Spiral Library Ladder

Artist Name:  Wharton Escherick Title:  Spiral Library Ladder Details:  The first was made in 1966 out of walnut.  Several more were made in walnut and cherry, left- and right-handed. Why It's Notable: Jonathan Fairbanks, an authority of American furniture design described it as "one of the great masterpieces of American furniture, perhaps the most wonderful work … Continue reading Wharton Escherick – Spiral Library Ladder

Australian Wood Review #74 (March 2012)

My most recent woodworking article (which I co-wrote with Charles Mak) is featured in issue #74 (March 2012) of Australian Wood Review (AWR). Our article shows how to build a folding ladder that Charles designed and I built.  The ladder does not fold the way that you would expect - the rungs have pivot points at the … Continue reading Australian Wood Review #74 (March 2012)