The Relentless Push to Fail

One thing that really helped me learn and develop my woodworking skills was having an abundance of materials. Having an adequate supply on hand meant that it wasn't so valuable that I felt the need to be especially careful using it. This allowed me to experiment and take chances with less to lose. Failure, or more … Continue reading The Relentless Push to Fail

Artwalk 2013

Friday, April 12th at 6:30pm is when the 14th Annual Artwalk will kick off with the opening reception at Old Mill Boathouse (#3 on the map) at Rocky Point Park.  Then, Saturday and Sunday will feature the Artwalk event.  Most of the venues will be along Clarke Street in Port Moody and in the middle of everything … Continue reading Artwalk 2013

Yoshio Mochizuki – BL-B493

Artist Name:  Yoshio Mochizuki of Bunaco Title:  BL-B493 (Bunaco Bracket Lamp) Details:  Beech, ∅300mm  x 125mm Why It's Notable: The form is very interesting, but what is even more fascinating is the process used to make the lamp.  Watch this video (3:02) to see the how their vessels (a speaker housing in this case) are shaped.  The takeaway: … Continue reading Yoshio Mochizuki – BL-B493

New Quote Added to “Quotables”

I am reading David Savage's book, Furniture With Soul: Master Woodworkers and Their Craft.  It's a very interesting read full of insights and pictures and I would certainly recommend it to anyone passionate about woodworking, especially someone who likes to push the boundaries.  This quote comes from page 220. The techniques are a starting place, … Continue reading New Quote Added to “Quotables”

Maple Trestle Table, Session 3 – From Two Slabs to One Table Top

On the morning of Sunday, April 15th, Morton and I exchanged ideas about trestle tables, spurred on by a recent sketch of a table on which he was working.  That got me yearning to build a trestle table. I documented my progress live on Twitter which was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could … Continue reading Maple Trestle Table, Session 3 – From Two Slabs to One Table Top

Hand Planes

First, some more woodworking poetry.  Pretty soon, I'll have enough to fill a book! One plane, two planes, Three planes, four. I work until My arms are sore. Today, I spent a good part of the day at Coquitlam Lee Valley showroom (where I work part-time) for their Plane Days event.  I talked to lots … Continue reading Hand Planes