A Relaxing Day Off on Canada Day

Today, I'm doing whatever I please so I set up my horses under the trees. My workpiece is happy, content in the shade - these perfect conditions I wouldn't dare trade. Finish goes on easily. I'm in no rush; I make slow, deliberate strokes with my brush. The urethane flows nicely and quickly dries before … Continue reading A Relaxing Day Off on Canada Day

The Designer at Work

I sit upright, eyes open, mouth a straight line. For just a moment, I close my eyes while I retrieve a file from my memory. My eyes open again and I look up ever so slightly as I review the contents of the file. Some say they can hear, or even see the wheels inside my head … Continue reading The Designer at Work

Knotty Issues

The New York Times staff has developed a computer program that searches for haikus (three lines with 5, 7 and 5 syllables) disguised as sentences in the articles they publish. Those haikus are then sorted and the best ones are published on a blog just for that purpose. I think that I might put this one up … Continue reading Knotty Issues

Jumping out of a Plane

I am about to jump out of a plane. All the preparations have been made for my jump to go smoothly. Yet there's a chance 
That things could go horribly wrong. I don't feel ready
 And I don't think I ever will. I can only prepare so much. 
Then I have to take action. I   j … Continue reading Jumping out of a Plane

Aiming for Perfection

When should you aim for perfection?  I recently found a quote around which I wrote a poem. Of this, take note: I read a great quote. Remember this if you need direction: "Strive for excellence, not perfection." H. Jackson Brown Jr. said it And I will not soon forget.

Hand Planes

First, some more woodworking poetry.  Pretty soon, I'll have enough to fill a book! One plane, two planes, Three planes, four. I work until My arms are sore. Today, I spent a good part of the day at Coquitlam Lee Valley showroom (where I work part-time) for their Plane Days event.  I talked to lots … Continue reading Hand Planes

What I Want For Christmas (More Woodworking Poetry)

I'd like some more Jet parallel bar clamps and a dust collector that will draw some amps. A couple more screwdrivers and a froe to split wood fibers. A sliding tail vise on my bench would be nice. A trammel to draw round things and a rip handsaw that sings. Some steel-toes with better soles … Continue reading What I Want For Christmas (More Woodworking Poetry)

Inspired (Woodworking) Poetry

I wrote this after cutting myself on a plane blade that jumped out of a wooden plane due to a poorly set wedge (my fault). Only a minor injury requiring no more than a band-aid to remedy.With the planes I played My love never swayed 'Til I took the pass That was my last For … Continue reading Inspired (Woodworking) Poetry