Power Tools vs. Hand Tools, and When Can You Modify the Design?

I am continuing to work my way forwards through back issues of the since discontinued magazine Woodwork. If you are proficient with the tools at your disposal, the decision to use either hand tools or power tools can be based on pleasure or efficiency. I use a combination of hand and power tools, and my choice … Continue reading Power Tools vs. Hand Tools, and When Can You Modify the Design?

More Wall Shelf Sketches

I've continued to sketch, trying to figure out what design to use for the Wall Shelf Build-Off this weekend. I could well find myself in the shop Saturday without a design and just making it up on the fly - that idea is not foreign to me. Have a look at my sketches - perhaps … Continue reading More Wall Shelf Sketches

Sketching to Develop Wall Shelf Ideas

With two weeks before the Wall Shelf Build-Off, I spent some time this afternoon working on design ideas. I filled three pages of sketches with a variety of designs. When sketching, I like to use pen and don't spend more than half a minute on each. I use the sketches to help me figure out what I … Continue reading Sketching to Develop Wall Shelf Ideas

The Designer at Work

I sit upright, eyes open, mouth a straight line. For just a moment, I close my eyes while I retrieve a file from my memory. My eyes open again and I look up ever so slightly as I review the contents of the file. Some say they can hear, or even see the wheels inside my head … Continue reading The Designer at Work

Designing from Scratch

When I set out to design something, I sometimes find it helpful to make a list of requirements. If designing a chair, my list might look like this: the seat must be at an appropriate height and shaped or upholstered for comfort; the chair must bear the weight of the user; it should have a … Continue reading Designing from Scratch