Stories from Artwalk, Part 1

During Artwalk, I showed my work in Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street) with three other artists:  Bronwen Belenkie, Clive Tucker and Mandara Lebovitz.  Our exhibition will continue through April 28th. The gallery is open 10am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday. Background The building in which I exhibited was recently bought by husband-wife duo Rainer (pronounced Rye-ner) and Helen Daniels.  There is a … Continue reading Stories from Artwalk, Part 1

Day 1 of Artwalk

Even though it rained for the first half of Artwalk today (Saturday), attendance was strong at Gallery Bistro.  Engagement was high and the gallery was very busy for most of the day.  Over 250 people visited the gallery in five hours, many of whom came back for a second (or third or fourth) look while … Continue reading Day 1 of Artwalk

In Preparation of Artwalk

Art is Now in the Trees I've installed Reaper in the tree outside of Gallery Bistro, where I'll be showing my work during Artwalk.  I made signs for it, too. I've also installed Graft (table in a tree) and more signs. Newspaper Publicity I, along with Reaper was featured on the front page of the Arts section of Tri-City News in print … Continue reading In Preparation of Artwalk

Artwalk 2013

Friday, April 12th at 6:30pm is when the 14th Annual Artwalk will kick off with the opening reception at Old Mill Boathouse (#3 on the map) at Rocky Point Park.  Then, Saturday and Sunday will feature the Artwalk event.  Most of the venues will be along Clarke Street in Port Moody and in the middle of everything … Continue reading Artwalk 2013

Art in the Trees

This year, I will be exhibiting in Port Moody's ArtWalk.  Opening night reception will be at the Old Mill Boathouse at Rocky Point Park on Friday April 12, 6:30pm-8:30pm and ArtWalk will take place the following Saturday and Sunday along Clarke Street. Artists will be hanging art in the trees to promote the event and … Continue reading Art in the Trees