Stories from Artwalk, Part 2

During Artwalk, I showed my work in Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street) with three other artists:  Bronwen Belenkie, Clive Tucker and Mandara Lebovitz.  Our exhibition will continue through April 28th. The gallery is open 10am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday. I plan to be at Gallery Bistro Sunday April 21 and I invite you to come by to look at and/or discuss my … Continue reading Stories from Artwalk, Part 2

Day 1 of Artwalk

Even though it rained for the first half of Artwalk today (Saturday), attendance was strong at Gallery Bistro.  Engagement was high and the gallery was very busy for most of the day.  Over 250 people visited the gallery in five hours, many of whom came back for a second (or third or fourth) look while … Continue reading Day 1 of Artwalk

Recap of PechaKucha Night

I had a great Thursday evening at PechaKucha Night.  I knew that, being Valentine's Day, the Evergreen Cultural Centre would either be deserted or packed for the event.  As it turned out, it was packed. At 6:30 pm, an hour before the show started, I arrived with the other presenters for a sound check and … Continue reading Recap of PechaKucha Night

More Information on PechaKucha Night

Here are some details on PechaKucha Night, Vol. 9 where I will be on stage giving my presentation February 14th. If you are interested in furniture, you might recognize the name of another presenter: Judson Beaumont of Vancouver's own Straight Line Designs.  I'm looking forward to his presentation.  (I find Keith Rice-Jones' organic sculpture interesting as well.)