Stories from Artwalk, Part 2

During Artwalk, I showed my work in Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street) with three other artists:  Bronwen BelenkieClive Tucker and Mandara Lebovitz.  Our exhibition will continue through April 28th. The gallery is open 10am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday.

I plan to be at Gallery Bistro Sunday April 21 and I invite you to come by to look at and/or discuss my work.

Day 1 – Saturday

I arrived at the gallery Saturday morning about 30 minutes early to make sure everything was ready.  That included placing the wooden signs that I’d made for each piece in the venue next to or on the respective artwork.  I volunteered to make the signs because I thought they would be a nice touch, and more importantly they would stay put on furniture without adhesives (unlike a paper card).

Deconstructed Sign

The signs were made of good quality 3/8″ plywood with laser toner heat-transferred to the wood.  I had used the same technique to make the signs for Reaper and Graft.  Just before noon, when Artwalk began, it started to rain – something that nobody wanted to see.

Surprisingly, the rain didn’t slow the crowds.  As soon as I opened the door, half a dozen people walked into the gallery.  It was busy most of the day, with only a few short spans when the gallery was quiet.

Artwalk at Gallery Bistro

Day 2 – Sunday

Sunday was forecasted to be the nicer day of the weekend, so I expected it to be even busier.  And I was right.  Although nobody was banging on the door to be let in, soon the gallery was busy – even crowded.

At 4pm, artists were supposed to close their venues and make their way to Queens Street Plaza for the closing ceremony but at that time we still had a gallery full of people.  Whenever someone left, somebody else wanted to enter.  Finally at 5pm, we turned off the lights and ushered the remaining few to the door.


I was really happy with the event and I was glad to be a part of it.  My work, including Reaper, generated a lot of buzz and Gallery Bistro saw more than 600 people through its doors – at times, it was so busy that you couldn’t move.  I received many comments, positive feedback and encouragement about my work and several pieces were sold.  The silent auctions for Reaper and Graft went very well (to my surprise, Graft received more bids than Reaper).

I also enjoyed talking with my fellow artists.  When a painter suggested that I could make a very nice easel, it gave me an idea for a series of art work.  Hint:  it involves a blank canvas.

I would be delighted if you left a comment!

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