In Preparation of Artwalk

Art is Now in the Trees

I’ve installed Reaper in the tree outside of Gallery Bistro, where I’ll be showing my work during Artwalk.  I made signs for it, too.

Reaper Installed

I’ve also installed Graft (table in a tree) and more signs.

Graft Installed

Newspaper Publicity I, along with Reaper was featured on the front page of the Arts section of Tri-City News in print and online.  (Also included with the online article is a list of all the artists, what they do, and their venue at which they’ll be exhibiting.)

Chris Wong and Reaper

Updates to my Store and Gallery

I’ve updated my Store to include Reaper and Graft, each of which will be on a silent auction April 13-14, as well as my recently completed sculpture which is currently untitled.

Yew Sculpture FrontI also updated my Gallery to include the above three pieces, and the cherry coffee tables.

Cherry Coffee Tables

Featured at Port Moody City Council to Promote Art and Artwalk

My cribbage board was this week’s Art at Council feature piece, shown at Port Moody’s City Council meeting on Tuesday.

Apple Cribbage Board II Front This is the write-up from their website:

Chris Wong is a Port Moody artist who works under the name of Flair Woodworks.

He draws inspiration from the unique characteristics and natural beauty of local trees that have fallen due to storms or building development. Rather than start with a plan, then find suitable materials, Chris starts with materials full of character and develops a design to suit. This process leads to very unique results that maximize the potential of the wood.

Chris’ work comes in many sizes. From small items like the cribbage board we have on display tonight, which happens to be made from an apple tree he found in Burnaby to large items such as free-standing sculptures and tables. All of it has one thing in common: Chris’ flair.

A Busy Weekend Ahead!

Thursday, I, along with three other artists, will begin setting up our work for Artwalk in Gallery Bistro.  Friday I teach a seminar at Lee Valley Tools Ltd. before attending Artwalk’s Opening Reception.  Then Saturday and Sunday feature Artwalk – the main event!

This is the nineteenth slide from my PechaKucha presentation.

Relationship Study

4 thoughts on “In Preparation of Artwalk

  1. At $9500, I could never afford it, but your PerchaKucha table is stunning! The natural top could not be presented any better and the legs work perfectly with it. There are some elements I have been considering in the legs for a future table – not exactly the same – but it’s great to see how it might work.

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