The Revival of Overflow!

What is Overflow?

In 2011, I started my Overflow program to give away woodworking stuff I no longer used to followers of my blog. To date, I have given away 16 lots of items.

Well, I’m cleaning shop and reviving Overflow. You might be wise to subscribe to my blog, if you aren’t already receiving e-mail notifications (or visiting daily).

How Does Overflow Work?

  1. I will post a picture and brief description of the item or group of items up for grabs.There will be some wood, hand tools, power tools, accessories, random shop stuff, and books. Most items will be in good-to-excellent shape;
  2. Comment if you want it! I suggest you subscribe to this blog so you get notified when I post something. If you want the item(s), leave a comment on that particular blog post and let me know if you can pick it up or if you need it shipped. (I will ship anywhere on your dime once my PayPal account is happy.); then
  3. When the deadline to enter has passed, I will submit the names of those interested into a Random Chooser and let the program draw a winner. I will announce the winner in the comments section of the Overflow post on my blog and contact them to arrange a pick-up time or shipping details. If the first person chosen changes their mind, the Random Chooser will select another name.

Why am I doing this?

I’m giving stuff away because I would rather help some fellow woodworkers than try to sell it. This is less hassle and more rewarding. I enjoy interacting with my readers and helping others get further in their woodworking.

I also want to increase the number of readers of my blog. Besides having awesome giveaways of quality stuff, I do some pretty cool woodwork, wouldn’t you agree? Please subscribe to my blog using the widget at the bottom of any page or in the right-hand column of my main blog page. You’ll receive notice of what I’m putting up for grabs as well as when I publish a regular blog post.

The ultimate purpose of Overflow is to get this stuff out of my shop (and into yours), so please, tell your friends.

4 thoughts on “The Revival of Overflow!

  1. i wish i could take advantage but my shop is overflowing with tools also.
    the only good think is my wife does not know what i have.

  2. I try to do a mixture of giving tools away and selling them when I’m freeing them up from the confines of the shop. I suppose it usually depends on how much I spent on it in the first place. Or if I like it at all.

    I occasionally pick up tools just to give them away, too. Like if I’m at a garage sale and I see a Stanley #5 Type 13 for $5 and it’s in fantastic condition, I’ll snatch it up. Then I get a chance to clean it and sharpen it up (all just additional practice) and then I’ll contact some of the newer members of the local woodworking guild to find out if any of them is interested in using it.

    But if I’ve paid good money for it, I’ll sell it just for what I paid so I’m not losing money on the deal.

    Every now and again, I’ll snatch up a tool that is an improvement over the one I’m currently using. In that case, I’ll just give away the older one and keep the newer one. But it is important to get it out of the shop right away so you don’t just stick it somewhere and forget about it.

    Sure, that happens, too, so I will do some kind of Overflow thing soon, as well.

    Oh, that reminds me… I need to send some pictures of a miter box to Cronk.

  3. Hi Ethan,

    That’s very charitable of you, and a great way to encourage others to continue woodworking. I have some expensive tools that I don’t use that might find their way into Overflow with a price tag. Or maybe not.


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