A Topless Table

Last week’s Picture Inspiration proved to be a real challenge. We, at #Woodchat, were looking at a picture of an SR71 stealth plane.

Most of us started by looking at the actual shape of the plane and trying to relate what we saw to lines suitable for a furniture design. When I found that didn’t work, I stopped looking at what I could see and started thinking about what I couldn’t see.

This table design was my artistic representation of what I envisioned turbulence to look like.

I want to build this design!

Interestingly enough, while the design satisfied the requirement of #Woodchat’s Picture Inspiration, it also reflected on a comment that Brian Bain made on my recent post, What Defines Form:

What about a table without a top?

That seemed a little strange to me. After all, a table needs a top to be functional, right? Maybe not.

Next Picture of Inspiration

This week, the challenge is to come up with a design based on this picture. I think there will be a wide range of designs, as there always is. If you come up with something, send it to me by e-mail, or via Twitter.

Inspiration photo by Andrew Arndts
Inspiration photo by Andrew Arndts


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