#Woodchat’s Picture Inspiration! is a design game hosted by #Woodchat on Air. It began Wednesday April 16, 2014. #Woodchat on Air is a weekly online woodworking program hosted by Matt Gradwohl of Uppercut Woodworks, Scott Meek of Scott Meek Woodworks, and me (Chris Wong). Watch it Wednesday nights at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern (duration: approximately 1 hour).

Start with a sketch, but make it quick. There’s real work to be done. – Stefan Hartwing

This is how #Woodchat’s Picture Inspiration! works.

  1. During #Woodchat on Air, we share one or more images for inspiration. These images are taken by us, the hosts, or are shared with us by any #Woodchat on Air participant.
  2. If you choose to play, you have the next week to develop a design (or multiple designs) inspired by the image. The design can be sketched, modelled in clay, built using toothpicks, rendered in CAD, or whatever you choose.
  3. At the following #Woodchat on Air, we share the designs and invite the designers to explain their design and how they developed it.


The first week, we started with a picture of shavings and came up with some really creative designs.

The second week, we examined a colourful scene from KaBoom! The Port Moody Art Explosion for inspiration.

In week three, we studied a photo of a metal bench that inspired a quilt rack built by Dyami Plotke.

The fourth week, our source of inspiration was a photo of an adjustable candle holder, that proved to be tougher to work with than we thought.

In week five, we looked at a photo of an art installation for inspiration.

For week six’s Picture Inspiration, our challenge was to design something inspired by this photo.

For the seventh week, Scott Meek brought us a picture of a North Carolina landscape.

Joe Laviolette brought us an exciting picture of a SR-71 stealth plane to inspire the eighth round of designs.

Andrew Arndts brought us a juicy picture for us to sink our teeth into on week 9.

I took this photo of my new block plane with trailing wedge for week 10’s inspiration.

For week 11, we have two pictures for inspiration. Create one design or two. Or more.

We are looking at this plane hammer to inspire our designs in week 12.

In the 13th week, Matt is challenging us with the Fifa World Cup logo and we are also bringing back the staircase with slide, if that inspires you more.

For week 14, we are looking at a Porsche 356 that I found on the Sauer & Steiner blog.

During week 15, we look to a Viking ship for inspiration.

For week 16, we are looking at the winning entry of the Reddit Picture Inspiration Contest.

Matt and I each brought a picture for week 17.

Scott showed us an amazing photo of a wave by Clark Little


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