Overflow, Part XVII

Crown Try Square

This 4″ try square made by Crown Tools isn’t accurate, but it looks pretty (minus the marks on the blued steel blade). The rosewood and brass handle is in good condition. Overall, the square measures approximately 5 x 3-1/4″ and the stock is 9/16″ thick.

If you would like this square, please leave a comment below indicating your interest by the end of June. I will then draw a winner at random. Even if you don’t get this item, remember that there is still much more I want to give away.

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Review the details of the Overflow program.

7 thoughts on “Overflow, Part XVII

    1. Hi Jim,

      You’re the winner! Please send me an e-mail (Chris@FlairWoodworks.com) with your shipping information and I’ll get you a shipping cost.


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