Model Delivery Trike for Shift

Last summer, Shift, a Vancouver company, asked me to make a model of the cargo delivery trikes they use. Although this isn’t the type of project which I would normally build, the challenge of making a working model intrigued me, so I agreed to build it.

Using photographs of their trikes, I established some dimensions for the model and built a prototype for approval. The client liked what I did and asked me to go ahead with the working model. This is what I built.

Delivery Trike Front

Delivery Trike Back Delivery Trike Open This video shows the working details of the trike.  (Duration – 2:09)

Recently, Shift contacted me requesting another one and I was happy to oblige. Interestingly, the order was completed exactly three months and twenty invoices after the first.


10 thoughts on “Model Delivery Trike for Shift

    1. Hi David,

      I used 1/8″ birch dowelling extensively for the assembly. For the pedals, I bored a 1/8″ hole in the pedal for a snug fit and a 9/64″ hole in the crank arm for a slip fit. I installed the dowel through the pedal and crank and peened the end of the dowel inside the crank arm so it is held in place and free to rotate.


        1. “Peening”, not “preening”. Essentially, I place dozens of light hammer taps on the end of the dowel to mushroom the end. It’s a technique I borrowed from the metalworking world.


  1. Fun solution to the assignment. I know the feeling of taking on something outside of one’s usual interest because of fondness of the client and/or their mission.

    1. Tom,

      I was fortunate that the client’s budget allowed for a model as elaborate as I wanted to create. I would have been less interested if they wanted something simpler.


  2. I really like the abstract look to the frame and handle bars as well as the details like the pedals and wrapping the grain on the cargo box. Would have liked to see what appears to be burning removed from the front wheel though!

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