Market Test Reveals Public Perception of Puzzles

This past weekend, I spent my time at Gallery Bistro demonstrating how I make my 3D jigsaw puzzles. It was a fun and rewarding experience for me and I learned a lot about how the public viewed my puzzles and pricing.

18-Piece Puzzles
3x3x2 (18-Piece) Puzzles

Almost everybody was interested in what I was doing and creating. I showed them the scroll saw blade that I use and explained how I make a 3D puzzle. Although they appreciated what I was doing, most of them were too intimidated by the 18-piece puzzles to attempt to even take one apart. A few people did successfully solve a puzzle and they, interestingly, did not seem inclined to purchase a puzzle. Those who did were buying them as gifts for puzzle-lovers on their list.

This test of making and selling puzzles gave me the confidence to move forward with them. I intend to market them more aggressively next year.

2 thoughts on “Market Test Reveals Public Perception of Puzzles

    1. Matt,

      I find that streaks of colour in the wood can be used to narrow down the locale of a certain piece, but I find it more useful to look at the shape of the pieces to put together pieces. Doing these puzzles forces me to visualize what the other half of the piece in my hand looks like.


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