Risk to the User and Workpiece

When woodworkers think about the scroll saw, they often think of a tool that cuts slowly and is perhaps the power saw with which one is least likely to cut themselves. And, compared to stationary tools like the table saw, bandsaw, and mitre saw, I feel that it is an accurate description Perhaps a hand-held … Continue reading Risk to the User and Workpiece


Some woodworkers work in a very calculated way.  For example, to manage the risk when dealing with the compound angles involved in Angle Madness (or, as I call it, "Why I never want to own an AMP-v2), Paul-Marcel worked through sketches, full-size drawings, calculations and a mock-up before committing to his good material.  Each of these steps before cutting … Continue reading Risk

Take Notice of What You Do

Next time you're working in the shop, take note of any unsafe things you do.  What risky shortcuts are you taking?  Take note of these and work on resolving them. Here are a few common less-than-safe shortcuts: not keeping the workspace clean and orderly; not taking time to check a tool is set-up properly; and … Continue reading Take Notice of What You Do