Stay Focused and Be Safe

I originally wrote this post for the Time Warp Tool Works blog. What causes accidents? What's the biggest cause of accidents in the shop? Dull tools? No. Improper use? No. Not using the guards or proper safety equipment? No. Ack - complacency! I believe that complacency is the #1 cause of accidents, and it's easy to be complacent when … Continue reading Stay Focused and Be Safe

June is Stroke Month

The Heart and Stroke Foundation asked if I would share this article on my blog. Why BC Artists, Craftspeople, and Musicians Should Pay Close Attention to the Warning Signs of Stroke June is Stroke Month. As you may know, stroke is the leading cause of unemployment disability in Canada and the second leading cause of … Continue reading June is Stroke Month

Use Tools Properly and Smartly

The table saw is probably one of the most feared tools in the shop.  It has a bad reputation of being a finger-munching machine that likes to kick back.  I believe most accidents are preventable.  At the table saw, using the proper safety equipment such as a splitter or riving knife, featherboard or push block … Continue reading Use Tools Properly and Smartly

Take Notice of What You Do

Next time you're working in the shop, take note of any unsafe things you do.  What risky shortcuts are you taking?  Take note of these and work on resolving them. Here are a few common less-than-safe shortcuts: not keeping the workspace clean and orderly; not taking time to check a tool is set-up properly; and … Continue reading Take Notice of What You Do

Be Careful of that GENTLY ROUNDED EDGE!

A woodworking shop is full of hazards and we are constantly reminded of that. Magazines and TV shows warn that woodworking itself is inherently dangerous. Power tool manuals have pages of warnings about electrical hazards, sharp edges, and noise and dust created. Many hand tools come with labels or packaging cautioning us to always wear … Continue reading Be Careful of that GENTLY ROUNDED EDGE!