Connect the Dots

Inspiration fuels me.  When I am inspired, I have seemingly limitless energy.  When I'm not inspired, I employ a few strategies to try to rekindle that fire.  One of them is experimentation which is fun and a good way to practice woodworking. I usually start with a piece of wood about 18" long and square … Continue reading Connect the Dots

Don’t Listen to Them (Listen to Me – at Least This One Time!)

There is more information than ever available and it is easy to get caught up in it trying to figure out the best way to sharpen a plane blade, join two pieces of wood, or apply the perfect finish. The thing is, you're not the same as everybody else.  Just because all your woodworking friends … Continue reading Don’t Listen to Them (Listen to Me – at Least This One Time!)


There are two primary ways to learning about woodworking - from exposure and practice.  Exposure comes mostly from reading, listening, and watching.  Practice involves applying that knowledge. When I first got interested in woodworking, I read every woodworking book and magazine available at the public library.  I attended the annual woodworking show, studied tool catalogs, examined … Continue reading Learning


Some woodworkers work in a very calculated way.  For example, to manage the risk when dealing with the compound angles involved in Angle Madness (or, as I call it, "Why I never want to own an AMP-v2), Paul-Marcel worked through sketches, full-size drawings, calculations and a mock-up before committing to his good material.  Each of these steps before cutting … Continue reading Risk