You Don’t Need to Know What You Are Doing

Knowledge is good, but sometimes it can be blinding.  It can lead to incorrect assumptions and closed minds. Currently, I'm reading The New Furniture which addresses how technology is changing the woodworking industry.  In the book, Ken Susnjara made this comment on how his company, Thermwood, came to invent the first CNC control. In truth, this … Continue reading You Don’t Need to Know What You Are Doing

On Preparation

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. - Benjamin Franklin Preparing is not the same as planning. I think of planning as forethought specific to a task or project, such as creating detailed drawings, cut lists, or mock-ups.  I would also include organizing construction steps in a logical sequence, which is often the extent … Continue reading On Preparation


There are two primary ways to learning about woodworking - from exposure and practice.  Exposure comes mostly from reading, listening, and watching.  Practice involves applying that knowledge. When I first got interested in woodworking, I read every woodworking book and magazine available at the public library.  I attended the annual woodworking show, studied tool catalogs, examined … Continue reading Learning