On Preparation

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

– Benjamin Franklin

Preparing is not the same as planning.

I think of planning as forethought specific to a task or project, such as creating detailed drawings, cut lists, or mock-ups.  I would also include organizing construction steps in a logical sequence, which is often the extent of my planning.

Preparing, on the other hand, is what is done to improve abilities and is not specific to one thing.  I walk around with my head up, examining the proportions and lines of every shape and the workings of every mechanical object.  I read about woodworking techniques, art, design and architecture.  I lay awake in bed developing design concepts and running them through my head and figuring out better ways and realizing pitfalls.

You see, although I don’t spend much time planning, I have been preparing for this all my life.

3 thoughts on “On Preparation

  1. it is all in the- Prep! every time you ask me how do you get a finish like that, how do you do this or that -only one answer “it is all in the prep” and foresight helps greatly ,yet come only from doing!

    well written sir as always :)

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