Don’t Listen to Them (Listen to Me – at Least This One Time!)

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There is more information than ever available and it is easy to get caught up in it trying to figure out the best way to sharpen a plane blade, join two pieces of wood, or apply the perfect finish.

The thing is, you’re not the same as everybody else.  Just because all your woodworking friends make their projects out of mahogany doesn’t mean you should as well.  You have to decide what makes sense to you.  The best techniques for you are the ones that work for you and the only way to realize what they are is to try them – not to simply read about them.

Go have some fun in the shop.  Experiment and discover first hand what works for you and what doesn’t.  Woodworking should be fun.  Don’t overthink it.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Listen to Them (Listen to Me – at Least This One Time!)

  1. Are you trying to say that woodworking isn’t as complicated as rocket science? Are you trying to tell me that your cabinet makers triangle doesn’t need little loops at the end? That’s crazy talk! Are you implying that you can use your own judgement when choosing tools? I don’t know what internet you’re looking at!

  2. You’re right, Chris. And now try building furniture out of MDF at least once so you’ll see if it’s for you! (could’nd resist!) :-)


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