Shop Stool Design #1: Slick and Simple

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I have some shop stool designs drawn up for the Shop Stool Build-Off.  Feel free to use them or customize them to your liking. I don’t have plans, so please don’t ask for any.


This is the first design for a shop stool based on one pinned to my Pinterest board. My version stands 24″ tall with a 13″ diameter seat. It could be made with either solid wood or plywood. Contrasting materials would look sharp, or you could use just one species of wood. The seat is a great opportunity to use figured wood.

The construction is simple and straightforward with the help of a simple jig to cut the notches in the seat. Once the joinery is taken care of, you can go to town sculpting the stool. Or you could leave it un-sculpted.

Depending on the materials chosen, a stretcher system somewhere along the length of the legs might be a good idea. It would also serve as a foot rest.

Simple Stool


The notches in the seat are cut with a 1″ diameter router bit and the ends of the legs are rounded over with a 1/2″ radius bit for a perfect fit.

Simple Stool Perspective

If solid wood is used, the supporting arms of the legs should be made with a separate piece and joined to the leg to avoid a short grain situation which would considerably weaken the stool. A pair of screws is driven through each supporting arm into the seat to secure the legs.

Simple Stool Underside

My second design has one simple, but substantial twist to this design. Watch for it!


4 thoughts on “Shop Stool Design #1: Slick and Simple

  1. I love designs that are clean and balanced. This is a beautiful, yet simple design. I will try it out and post photos on facebook.
    Happy holidays to one and all!!!

    Jay S. Penfil
    Detroit, Michigan

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