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17 thoughts on “V-Table

      1. You also have a hug resource of it !!! what else do you have with same quality`s of tight straight grain and uniform colour. Locust you have used lots , maple too,I know I am new to all this fancy stuff you bloggers do. but something tells be that base in BC yellow Birch maybe Ebonized. Is worth a thought.

          1. Chris
            I for one am sick of dovetails showing in tops , well you know I like pieces that look easy put are not necessarily so to each there own but-here there is ton of good joinery what about Not having the joints visible on the top.

            Harder to do and cleaner look!

            1. Dan,

              By a curved version of a starburst, do you mean like a pinwheel? That idea excites me.

              To me, dovetails showing on the fronts of drawers is mostly about showing off the fact that dovetails were used. In this case, it is a design choice. Right now, I like the legs penetrating the top, but there are still many decisions still to be made.


              1. Chris
                Yep like a pinwheel! and the top thing is just another builders opinion your final one is what matters right.
                Just a thought while you are still in the design stage I am aware that -like me- your designs always start with a concept and then grow and shift until your and the piece say you are done. I figure you post this stuff for input- because we all learn from input! well most of us do! some I have seen still just know all. what a boring way to live :)

                PS you will teach me to always be formal yet by gosh.

                1. Dan,

                  I post my work for a few reasons:
                  1. To get feedback and generate dialogue;
                  2. To share my ideas and foster the woodworking community; and
                  3. To somewhat commit myself to the project;

                  Pinwheel… so much for sleeping tonight – I’m inspired! :)


                  PS: “Lead by example, not by instruction.” – Jared Matthew Keller

                  1. Ha ha ha ha Talking with you is always refreshing , and a learning experience! Lead on.

                    I would rather be quoted then quote others -though matters not as long as I learn or re-learn something every day- it is all good.

                    Great design Commit this is biggest challenge I have seen you dream up ! (I know you love miters ;) hahaha

      2. Chris,
        certainly all from one piece rough milled sticker`s and weighted for 3 weeks in work environment should help with the dozens of movement issues `s you have given yourself here. Or I read that on some sight somewhere.

        I guess I forget I am strange for thinking of species -how I will finish it then the design.

  1. I’m just wondering how you plan to structure the legs; are you going to leave one side of each”V” solid from floor to top and segment the other?

    1. Ugh. Alex, I’d forgotten how complicated the assembly was and your comment prompted me to check. There are no legs that run all the way from top to bottom. The way that I’ve planned to assemble the table is to break it down into four quarters, as seen from a top view.

      I just finished dimensioning the stock (1″ square in cross-section) and will consider beginning the joinery tonight. Last night I did my taxes, so that got me warmed up for thinking-induced headaches.


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