Shop Stool Build-Off: Upping the Ante

When the Shop Stool Build-Off was in its infancy - before we'd even thought about having prizes, and long before I started drafting a blog post about the event - several woodworkers on Twitter, myself included, had the idea that it would be fun to have some kind of wager to see who could build … Continue reading Shop Stool Build-Off: Upping the Ante

Overflow, Part XII

I kept this Drill Press Stand with the idea that it would help me accurately bore 3/4" holes for bench dogs.  Then, when I set out to drill them I realized that the drill only has 2 amps and that my larger drill could not be properly installed in the stand.  That meant that I … Continue reading Overflow, Part XII

Overflow, Part XI

Router bit sets with 30 assorted bits seem like a great deal and an affordable way to start your collection.  I'm sure that I'm not the only one who bought one of these sets.  They are good value if you look at the cost per bit.  However, the sets often come with moulding profile bits … Continue reading Overflow, Part XI

The Most Amazing Wood?

In order to discover and showcase some of the world's most bizarre and unbelievable woods known (or not known), John Economaki of Bridge City Tool Works has issued a challenge in the form of a contest.  Read the details on JOHN'S BLOG. (Rule #3 says "no visible sanding marks".  I wonder if visible plane tracks are … Continue reading The Most Amazing Wood?