Overflow XXII

Up for grabs is a Stanley #194, which was designed to cut chamfers on the edges of fibreboard. A razor blade is clamped to the bed with clamping plate and two slotted screws. Meanwhile, two thumbscrews secure the adjustable fence. The plane features a corrugated sole. According to the hand tool reference site Blood and Gore, … Continue reading Overflow XXII

Overflow XXI

This hole saw set includes 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", and 2-1/8" hole saws and a 1/4" mandrel. Each hole saw attaches to the mandrel quickly and easily via a threaded post and nut, and all the parts can be nested and secured for compact storage with no loose parts. If you would like this hole saw … Continue reading Overflow XXI

Overflow, Part XIV

The Sander Sitter is essentially a round crepe pad in a tray, mounted on bearings.  The idea is that you set your random orbit sander down in the tray while it is running or spinning down and the crepe cleans the abrasive disc. I no longer own a 5" sander, so I'm giving it away. … Continue reading Overflow, Part XIV