Overflow XXI

This hole saw set includes 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″, and 2-1/8″ hole saws and a 1/4″ mandrel.

DSC_9319Each hole saw attaches to the mandrel quickly and easily via a threaded post and nut, and all the parts can be nested and secured for compact storage with no loose parts.


If you would like this hole saw set, please leave a comment below with a brief description of your workspace. You may enter until the end of Wednesday, February 4. I will then draw a winner at random. Even if you don’t get this hole saw set, remember that there is still much more I want to give away.

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Review the details of the Overflow program.

3 thoughts on “Overflow XXI

  1. My workshop is set up in my garage. It’s a 2 car but it’s about as small of one as you could get. I have been able to dedicate the whole thing to the shop though, which is nice. All in all it works for me now but I don’t see myself being in the same place in a few years so hopefully I will have something better then.

  2. My workshop is my backyard shed. Took a standard 8′ x 10′ shed, built a 2′ pony wall, raised the roof and inserted the 2′ section into the top portion of the wall. I moved the entrance to the side and inserted a normal size door. The windows are all re-claimed, single pane, 9 lite style with wooden mullens. I placed the window sills at the same height as my tablesaw, so longer material could run through. The next summer, I build a 6 foot wide wrap around deck. It really helps with the projects need to be sanded. Made crude dust collector from an old furnace squirrel fan. Worked pretty well but it was incredible loud. Made some other improvements over the years. I really enjoy any time spent in the workshop.

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