The Start of Black Walnut Cribbage Boards

It's been a wild few days on the west coast. Saturday it began snowing, and two days earlier I spent the day in warm, sunny weather. It was a beautiful Thursday morning when Dave Kilpatrick and I set up to cut some small, live-edge walnut pieces, destined to become cribbage boards. I positioned the chunks … Continue reading The Start of Black Walnut Cribbage Boards

Wood – My Weakness

Offer me a piece of wood and I will accept. Consequently, my side yard contains the following: One holly log, approximately 14" diameter and 5′ long; A large stack of 2" to 3" thick spalted maple; and An assortment of turning blanks.  Currently, maple, black walnut and acacia make up my stash. Just recently, I realized that 7' … Continue reading Wood – My Weakness

A Weekend That Turned Out Well

I had this past weekend off, and I made the most of it, turning a total of five bowls, all from green wood.  I slept in until 10:00am on Saturday.  I had a quick breakfast and headed down to the shop.  The first bowl was a result of a co-worker giving me a section of … Continue reading A Weekend That Turned Out Well