A Trip Through a Log

Yesterday, my friend and lumber supplier, Dave Kilpatrick, brought over a piece of yew which he wanted made into trivets. I built a sled and crosscut a series of 1-1/4″-thick slices on my bandsaw.

Slicing Trivets I took a series of photos as each slice was removed, which allowed you to see how the section of log changed shape along its length.  I compiled the pictures into this video (duration – 0:28).

4 thoughts on “A Trip Through a Log

  1. That video was cool. I love starting a woodworking project with whole logs instead of milled lumber. It’s wonderful to see and work with the organic nature of wood; not just make case-goods out of precut lumber

  2. I am thinking log tomography! It reminds me of TEM or xray tomography i see in science and medicine. Nice, thanks for sharing.

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