Overflow, Part XII

I kept this Drill Press Stand with the idea that it would help me accurately bore 3/4" holes for bench dogs.  Then, when I set out to drill them I realized that the drill only has 2 amps and that my larger drill could not be properly installed in the stand.  That meant that I … Continue reading Overflow, Part XII

Overflow is Back, Again!

What is Overflow? A year-and-a-half ago, I started my Overflow program to give away woodworking stuff I no longer used to followers of my blog.  It was going strong for a while and I gave away a lot of good stuff including a: Ridgid Air Filter; Veritas Scraper Holder; Makita 1/3 Sheet Sander; Lee Valley Dovetail … Continue reading Overflow is Back, Again!

Overflow, Part XI

Router bit sets with 30 assorted bits seem like a great deal and an affordable way to start your collection.  I'm sure that I'm not the only one who bought one of these sets.  They are good value if you look at the cost per bit.  However, the sets often come with moulding profile bits … Continue reading Overflow, Part XI

A Woodworker’s Attachment to Tools

A recent thread on talkFestool forum gloating about a recent tool acquisition quickly turned to a discussion of the most-used Bridge City Tool Works tools - unanimously the DSS-6 Double Saddle Square. As I looked at the tools I frequently use, I realized that they are also the ones I cherish most. Some of them are premium … Continue reading A Woodworker’s Attachment to Tools

Maple Trestle Table, Session 2 – Playing with Slabs

On the morning of Sunday, April 15th, Morton and I exchanged ideas about trestle tables, spurred on by a recent sketch of a table on which he was working.  That got me yearning to build a trestle table. I documented my progress live on Twitter which was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could … Continue reading Maple Trestle Table, Session 2 – Playing with Slabs

Overflow, Part VI

This time, I am giving away one Makita BO3700 Finishing Sander which has seen a minimal amount of use.  It uses 1/3 of a standard 9x11" sandpaper sheet which is held in place by a spring-loaded clamp at each end of the pad. The soft pad has eight holes for dust extraction.  The steel plate … Continue reading Overflow, Part VI

Shiny Handles Suck

Many wooden-handled tools that you can buy come covered in a tough, shiny finish.  These tools look so perfect and pretty and would look right at home in a glass display case under a spotlight in the Museum of Modern Art.  While the shiny handles are pretty and easy to wipe clean, they are slippery … Continue reading Shiny Handles Suck

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Hand Tool Event in Burnaby This Weekend

The Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Hand Tool Event is in town February 3-4 (Friday-Saturday) at one of my favourite tool stores, Clermont's Ultimate Tool Supply.  It's a free event and a great chance to learn about and try Lie-Nielsen's tools. And if that isn't enough reason for you to go... Konrad Sauer of Sauer & Steiner will also be there! I'm … Continue reading Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Hand Tool Event in Burnaby This Weekend

Revised Rules for my Overflow Shop Giveaway

I've given away two things so far, a Ridgid Air Filter and some spalted maple.  The air filter went within four minutes and the maple went within two minutes.  Now, it was exciting to have woodworkers following my blog so closely, but it was unfair to those who don't spend their days tied to their … Continue reading Revised Rules for my Overflow Shop Giveaway