A Woodworker’s Attachment to Tools

A recent thread on talkFestool forum gloating about a recent tool acquisition quickly turned to a discussion of the most-used Bridge City Tool Works tools – unanimously the DSS-6 Double Saddle Square.

DSS-6 by Bridge City Tool Works

As I looked at the tools I frequently use, I realized that they are also the ones I cherish most.

Some of them are premium tools like my Veritas #4 Bench Plane and Bridge City Tool Works CS-2 Centerscribe while others have sentimental value such as the marking knives made for me by my friends Derek Cohen and Jaromy W.

Others, like my Millers Falls #3 bench plane are just valuable because I’ve tuned and modified them to work just the way I like.  Then, of course there are the tools that I’ve made myself like my wooden planes and offset gauges.

It’s interesting that I’m less attached to larger tools or electric tools.  I like my Stanley #6 bench plane but I don’t have much attachment to it.  The same goes for my Grizzly sliding table saw, Laguna bandsaw, and Festool Domino Joiner.

Perhaps it’s the closeness between myself and hand tools that makes them more dear to me.  It’s these tools with which I am extra-careful.  I’m curious to know which tools you cherish most.

Cast your vote in the poll below!  Choose as many options as are applicable.

One thought on “A Woodworker’s Attachment to Tools

  1. I think I have a personal attachment to tools that I have more control over – which in my case means tools that are simple. I really like my table say and band saw, but sometimes they tick me off. I never get ticked off by my #7 long pod fishtail carving gouge.

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