New Quote Added to “Quotables”

I hope that you are enjoying watching my progress as I create the Maple Trestle Table, working out the design on the fly (maybe you’re even following me live on Twitter).  It is a very involved build and provides plenty of challenges.

For your benefit I try to document my progress as authentically as possible, showing my intent, technique, and results whether they are good or bad.  I want you to feel as if you are poking your head into the shop every now and then to see what’s happening.

Whether you are a passionate woodworker of someone who appreciates fine furniture and original ideas, I hope that you find this build (and blog) to be interesting and informative.  But I would like to remind you that while you can learn a lot by reading, you can learn far more by applying yourself.

Years teach us more than books.

– Berthold Auerbach

Find this quote, along with many other interesting quotes on the page titled Quotables.

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