Making Without Compromises

One of the projects which I’m currently building, and designing along the way is a pen. It has months of thought already invested and I am building it to be the best.

I do take pleasure in using and owning unique and fine writing tools (and other tools, too). I also enjoy indulging myself in interesting and/or advanced designs. And I am always on the lookout for potential areas of improvement.

I use a pen a lot, and like to carry one with me at all times as part of my everyday carry (EDC). I find retractable pens most practical, but it bothers me that I cannot easily deploy the writing tip efficiently. All the twist pens I’ve handled can be opened with one hand, but it’s a slow and awkward process. Click pens deploy quickly, but require an adjustment of the hand position or pushing the end against something else.

After months of research and contemplation on this subject, I had an epiphany. I’ve already started to build my vision. To my knowledge, it will be the only retractable pen than can be deployed or retracted quickly and easily with one hand.

Yes, I could buy a pen kit and make it on my lathe. Yes, it would be hand made, beautiful and somewhat unique. But would it bring me joy to possess and use? Would I be proud to say, “look what I made?” Why not make things that are remarkable and stand out from everything else? Why compromise?

You can follow my pen build on Twitter @flairwoodworks.

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