“Sharpening” Carbide Insert Cutter Heads

It has been a long time since I installed Byrd Tool's Shelix carbide cutter heads in my Delta DJ-20 8" jointer (May 2009) and DeWalt DW735 13" planer (June 2012). The videos showing the installation of the cutter head in my planer have been viewed almost 75,000 times! Although the machines still produced tearout-free cuts, they did … Continue reading “Sharpening” Carbide Insert Cutter Heads

Overflow: Inca 10″ Jointer/Planer Combination Machine for Sale

Unlike other Overflow items, I am not giving away this one for free.  I am asking $700.  December 16 update: the Jointer/Planer is now sold. Several years ago, I bought a 10" jointer/planer combination machine, which was made in Switzerland by Inca. Since I already had an 8" long-bed jointer and 13" thickness planer, I never … Continue reading Overflow: Inca 10″ Jointer/Planer Combination Machine for Sale

Flattening Big Pieces of Wood

One of the most common questions I am asked is how I flatten the large pieces of wood I often use in my work.  This table top, for example, is approximately 45 inches wide and 96 inches long. Machinery is Not the Answer Perhaps one of the quickest ways to surface a board is to … Continue reading Flattening Big Pieces of Wood

How to Flatten a Board (You Don’t Need a Jointer)

Note: Before you get into the article, check the date on which it was published.  This other article discusses how I flatten large pieces of wood without machinery. If you read just one article about woodworking, this should be it. On the forums I frequent, I often see the question asked: "should I buy a … Continue reading How to Flatten a Board (You Don’t Need a Jointer)

Installing A Shelix Cutter Head

May 11, I decided that it was time to rid my 8" jointer (Delta DJ-20) of its dull knives. I carefully removed the blades and found that they were hopelessly dull. Must have been that lignum vitae. Rather than send the knives out to be sharpened or purchase new knives, I decided to spring for … Continue reading Installing A Shelix Cutter Head

The Problem with Hand Planes Today

Hand planes can be divided several ways. One of the more common ways is by length. There are of course block planes, which are the shortest, at around 6-7". Then come smooth planes, which typically measure 9-10". They are followed by jack (fore) planes at 14-15" and finally jointer (try) planes which are about 18-22" … Continue reading The Problem with Hand Planes Today