Overflow: Inca 10″ Jointer/Planer Combination Machine for Sale

Unlike other Overflow items, I am not giving away this one for free.  I am asking $700.  December 16 update: the Jointer/Planer is now sold.

Several years ago, I bought a 10″ jointer/planer combination machine, which was made in Switzerland by Inca. Since I already had an 8″ long-bed jointer and 13″ thickness planer, I never made room for this combination machine in my shop. I don’t foresee any use for it in my shop, so it’s time to find it a better home where it will be used and appreciated.

Here is the jointer/planer combination machine.  Inca machines are very well designed and of very high quality. They are becoming increasingly rare and are sought-after by woodworkers with limited space.

The dust shroud is sitting on the shelf of the included stand.

IMG3333 When I brought it home, I knew that I wouldn’t be using it soon, so I sprayed the tables with Boeshield T9.The tables remain in fine condition. I believe that they are cast aluminum.

IMG3334 The aluminum fence slides forward about half way. This is the limit.

IMG3345 The machine features a two-knife Tersa head (I believe that this defines the machine as model 560). Knife changes are the absolute simplest and easiest (I’ve heard that blade changes take all of 30 seconds). A spare set of knives is included.

IMG3344 The jointer features a European-style guard that slides back for jointing edges and can be flipped out of the way when required.

IMG3343 The lever with the black ball knob controls the height of the guard. With this style of guard, you pass your material underneath the guard when jointing the face.

IMG3342 Stock is fed underneath the jointer beds for thicknessing operations.

IMG3341 There is a two-speed gearbox, which I believe is for the thickness planer’s feed rollers. The white label above the lever says “Made in Switzerland”.


Power to the machine is controlled by a magnetic switch.

IMG3336 The 2HP motor draws 10.7 amps and runs on 220V power.

IMG3338 Here is the plug that is installed on the machine.

IMG3335 The saw was made in 1987 – a very good year!

IMG3340 The compact size of this machine makes it ideal for a small shop. The beds may be short, but are adequate for most furniture-scale jointing operations. Furthermore, carefully-located infeed and outfeed support will improve the machine’s ability to joint very long material when required. Personally, I see more value in a 10″ cutting width than long beds. I am asking $700 but will accept offers if you will be giving it a good home.

The machine weighs approximately 120 pounds and has an overall size of 48 x 40 x 32 inches (length x width x height).

35 thoughts on “Overflow: Inca 10″ Jointer/Planer Combination Machine for Sale

  1. Excellent pictures and descriptions. Perhaps you could provide the shipping weight and dimensions for those considering buying.

  2. I wish I live near by since I’ve been looking for this machine for two decades. I think your price is a bit high side since I live in Chicago, IL in US because I have to consider the cost of handling the item’s shipping

  3. I am interested in the Inca jointer/planer. What is your address and postal code so I can get an estimate for shipping from UPS. Also are you able to take the machine apart and crate it so it will arrive undamaged?

  4. Hello Chris,
    Nice work and a very professional site. If the gentleman above does not purchase your Inca, I will. Keep the stand and disassemble the machine into smaller/lighter boxes. Best Regards, Joe

        1. Hi, I might sell mine (and build the crate/box) but what is it worth to you? : Inca jointer planer, set on wood rolling base…

      1. T. Ellis, Do you still have an Inca 570 you wish to sell? If so please tell me its condition, where you are located and your asking price. Thanks. Richard

  5. I have a planer just like this one 343.190 INCA from Injecta AG. Anybody interested, please let me know. I am located in Fort Wayne, Indiana

    1. Hi Kneale,

      I don’t know if Andreas had subscribed to comment notifications. Would you like me to send him your email address or other contact info?


  6. I have a INCA 570 Thicknesser Planer I am replacing the Cutter Block Bearings, battling with its removal can someone please help, do I need special Tools for this removal.

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