Currently, I am working on a trestle table.  This slideshow illustrates how the table has progressed up until the present time.  When this table is complete it will be available for purchase.  Please CONTACT ME if you are interested.

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I’ve been documenting the build live on Twitter (username @FlairWoodworks, category #flairww).  I’ve archived the Tweets on my blog in Sessions.

Session 1:
Flat Boards are Boring

An absolutely beautiful job so far.
It’s going to be magnificent when completed.”
Ron Wenner

Session 2:
Playing with Slabs

“Looks excellent, Chris!  Love the look
of the table
especially with the live edge
 the inside
and smooth to the outside.”

Session 3:
From Two Slabs to One Table Top

“It’s going to be a magnificent table!”
Vic Hubbard

Session 4:
Clamping Odd Shapes
and Sketching on Wood

“Can’t get over your talent for being
only 24 Chris.  You have such a
creative mind.  It shows in your work!”
Michael Agate 

Session 5:
Routing Pockets for Battens

“Nice looking table top Chris.
It looks like a behemoth!”
Mike Flaim 

Session 6:
Making Battens and
Installing Countertop Connectors

“Great job Chris.  I’ve been
watching the progress on your
table and enjoying the process.
Beth Perry 

Session 7:
Installing Battens
and Flattening the Underside

…cannot wait to see this one done…
Dan Northrup 

Session 8:
Make Your Tools Work for You
and Flattening the Top

“Nice! Can’t wait to see it finished.
Joe Ledington 

Session 9:
Mortises the Slow Way
(or Why I’m Buying a Domino XL)

“Really can’t wait to see this table
when it’s finished. It’s amazing.”
Scott Meek

Session 10:
Curvy Legs are Always Good

“Chris, Wow,
what’s not to like about this table.
I admire that you have not
taken the easy route on anything.
This is some of the most creative
and difficult joinery I can remember.
I’m very impressed.
You continue to do excellent work.”
Bret Duffin 

Session 11:
Straight Lines on Wonky Surfaces

“I love it!”
Al Navas 

Session 12:
Fitting the Mother
of all Mortise & Tenon Joints

“I love the way it is coming out, nice work.”
Chris Adkins 

Session 13:
Making Things Better, Worse, then Better

“I admire your work and look
forward to the next instalment!”
Scott Burnette  

Session 14:
Battens and Complicated Tenons, Again

“Great work! Enjoying the posts.”
Morgan Holt 

Session 15:
The Trestle Comes Together

“…can’t wait to see that table finished”
James Denham 

Session 16:
Angled Mortises and Tenons

“Really like the shaping you’ve done.
Very pleasing lines…at least to me”
Josh Ulloa

Session 17:
Two Feet for Two Legs

“…nice work. Looks really smooth.”
Tim Charles 

Session 18:
Attachment Strips and Power Carving

“…this looks great Chris,
can’t wait to it done. Inspiring!”
Jon  C. McGrath 

Session 19:
Refining the Sculpted Base

“…really have enjoyed following this build.
It looks outstanding!”
Ron C. Bailey

Session 20:
A Little Sanding, then More Sanding

“That’s a lot of time.
But it sure looks good.”
Gregory Paolini

Session 21:
Preparing for a Big Glue-Up

“It’s going to be an awesome table.”
Dyami Plotke 

Session 22:
Fitting and Joining the Table Top 

“Chris, I think you’re on the cusp of
making something seriously beautiful.”
Charles Stanford 

Session 23:
The Bottom of the Top 

“Looking great! can not wait to
see it once you start carving!!!”
Dan Northrup

Maple Trestle Table, Session 24:
Profiling the Table’s Edge

“That really is an incredible table.
Love the lines, the material,
and the workmanship is phenomenal!”
Vic Hubbard

Maple Trestle Table, Session 25:
Completing the Bottom Edge

“I’m just gobsmacked by the work
you’re doing on the free form maple table.
Stayed up till 1:00 A.M. catching up and then
got up this morning
 to follow some more.

Steve H. 

Maple Trestle Table, Session 26:
Installing the Base

“Your trestle table is a work of art”
Ryan VanDyke

Maple Trestle Table, Session 27:
Flattening the Top and
Completing the Edge

 “Thank you for the inspiration.
Your tweet along on the trestle table
has been awesome!!!”
Stephen Duffy

Maple Trestle Table, Session 28:
Filling in the Voids

“Beautiful slabs and I
like the layout you chose.”
Paul-Marcel St. Onge 

Maple Trestle Table, Session 29:
Removing Epoxy, Then Adding More

“That is just a beautiful piece.
I can’t wait to see it all put together
with a finish on it!”
Vic Hubbard

Maple Trestle Table, Session 30:
Preparing for Finishing and
Starting Some Finishing

“Love the shape it’s taking.
GREAT work Chris!”
Michael Agate 

Maple Trestle Table, Session 31:
Finishing the Top